Quest wishlist: ALL THE CATS


In July I adopted a cat from the local animal shelter. It had been a long, long time coming, but finally the moment had arrived. I was a month into my long-term (still ongoing) sick leave, so had plenty of time to devote to a pet, as well as very much needing the occupation and therapeutic benefits of living with a cat. The animal shelter is just a short drive from where we live, and is huge, with all kinds of rescued animals – it even has a chimpanzee enclosure (the inhabitants of which are not up for adoption). My partner and I were shown around rooms full of tiny kittens who clambered all over us, introduced to many little balls of fluff waiting to be taken home. But a pair of babies in our small flat and with my poor health would have been too much of a handful. “Well, there is this one cat who could do well with you – she needs to be homed alone because she behaves a little… strangely… with other cats.” We were lead to another room, where we were greeted warmly by a black and white wisp of a cat, who then walked up to her sleeping room-mate and, entirely unprovoked, hissed and gave him a good whack to the head, before sauntering back to us and curling up in my lap with a heavy purr.

She came home with us that day, and she is the feline love of my life.

Suffice it to say, I am a Cat Lady, and as such am quite partial to cat-themed fashion. Sadly my glorious cat-print dresses are all too small for me now, but I still have cat leggings, cat socks, cat jumpers, cat jewellery etc. One part of my wardrobe, however, is suspiciously devoid of cats: my underwear drawer. Which brings me to today’s wishlist!

(All product images are by the brands)

What Katie Did cat corset

what katie did corsetA special edition for Halloween, this retro corset from What Katie Did would make for a super luxurious costume. I really love how it is styled here with the cat-face veil and long gloves!

Mimi Holliday Absinthe cat collectionAW15-01-07-F.resized_1024x1024

Just look at it. LOOK. Cats! If you click on the image you can zoom in and take a good look at the detail. In this white lace it does kind of have a tiny-baby-dress aesthetic (it wouldn’t look out of place on a christening dress, or perhaps a delicate crib curtain), but still – who can resist underwear with CAT LACE? And if I recall the season preview correctly, there should be a black version coming, too, which is a little less newborn-ish. Like most Mimi Holliday collections, there are several different bra and knicker styles available, as well as matching suspenders and an eye mask. (NB. I like the URL for this product!)

Knickerocker cat briefs & crop top via Bluestockings Boutiqueil_570xN.523761507_9pba_grandeil_570xN.523766201_dpj0_grande

How cute is this handmade loungewear/nightwear set from UK indie designer Knickerocker?! So totally adorable, 100% my style and US-based LGBTQIA+ online lingerie store Bluestockings Boutique have it in stock and ready to ship (no waiting times!) – use ***THIS LINK*** to get 20% off!

Leg Avenue cat tights via ASOScattights

It is September. It is TIGHTS SEASON. This pair from ASOS is on its way to me right now, in fact, as when I looked them up to get the link I saw that they were (still are!) on sale, and you know how these things go. They will be a super cute way to cat-up an outfit this Autumn, perhaps peeking out of the top of my knee-high Dr Martens.

ASDA cat print tshirt bra5054532184825

I’ll be honest, I only came across this one while writing this post (all the other items I have long been coveting) and googling “cat bra”. From UK supermarket ASDA, this is such a darling pattern and only costs £4.50, if it’s still available in your size (I am impressed by their huge size range!). There are equally cheap matching pants, too.

Black silk satin cat eye mask from Naomilingerie on Etsyil_570xN.550269090_gu92

Last one! I’m not entirely sure if sleep masks count as underwear but lets just say yes, because this is a beauty. Handmade in France by Naomilingerie on Etsy, this mask is also available without the bow, in various fabrics and colours, and optionally stuffed with lavender for the ultimate relaxing catnap.

That’s all for now. I hope my fellow cat-ladies (and cat-people-of-non-binary-genders) enjoyed this selection and as always, if you have any similar recommendations to share then please do drop it in the comments or hit me up on twitter @theholybrail!

Until next time,


Quest Success: Bluebella Caterina

This is a bra that has been on my wishlist for a long time. Bright blue sheer mesh with black elastic edging & strap detail, and not a bow in sight!

(click images for links)

bluebella caterina
Photo credit: Bluebella

Bluebella is a low-mid budget British brand that was founded in 2005, and is now seemingly a subsidiary of or otherwise related to big online sex toy retailer Lovehoney. Most of their lingerie is boudoir-focussed, including an official 50 Shades range of bondage-inspired pieces. I hadn’t heard of them until I saw them featured as a guest brand with this particular set on Playful Promises. I fell in love with the design immediately – bold colours, no polkadots or florals or frou frou! However, I hesitated for a long time because it wasn’t available in my normal size (32E), and I was wary of the risk of once again having to pay international return shipping when things didn’t fit. But last month it was reduced in Bluebella’s summer sale, so I decided to take a chance on it, ordering 32DD and 34DD. Success! Shipping to Austria was free (=built-in to the cost) and fast, and the 32DD fit like a dream.

bluebella caterina and bts robe
Photo credit: the rubbish front-facing camera on my phone. Also featuring my darling cat & Between the Sheets Play Date modal-silk blend robe

The band is firm, which I like, and nice and broad with 3 rows of hooks – for once there is minimal armpit overhang! The side boning and fairly tall, wide wires help keep everything in place. The gore is too wide for me, encroaching on the breast tissue, but it sits flat, isn’t uncomfortable and doesn’t cause other fit problems, so it’s ok by me. The sheer mesh cups are stretchy and mould nicely to the body; with the single vertical seam they are gently supportive, just rounding off and flattening the “peaks” of my naturally pointy boobs. Unlike in the product photos, the black vertical seam is not central, but to the side, but I think that is just a boob-shape thing. The elastic straps across the top of the cups are soft and stretchy and don’t dig in, although the ones on the outer edges just get eaten by my armpits.  The design is modern and to me feels like what a bra in ~FUTURE YEAR 2015~ should look like! Honestly, it is so comfy and stylish and just me, I want to wear it always. It is a perfect everyday bra and I think I’m going to have to get creative to find an outfit that will show it off!

The Caterina bra is also available in black and a pretty new creamy pink, sizes 30-36B-DD, 38B-D, and as as you can see above there is a matching brief and suspender belt too.

skylar bralet
Photo credit: Bluebella

I also picked up Bluebella’s Skylar Ruffle bra in the sale. Frillier than I would usually go for but it was just a couple of pounds and looked cosy! And indeed the soft polyester chiffon triangle cups make this bra very comfy, great for lounging or sleeping. It is sized by band only and the 32 fit me fine in the cups (with plenty of side boob) but the band was extremely loose! The elastic is VERY stretchy and it offered no support at all; there was barely any use in even fastening it.  Even as a lounge piece it was too loose. I didn’t measure it before returning it but I reckon the 32 would be a better fit for someone who usually wears a 36 band.

Have you tried anything from Bluebella? Can you recommend me another bra or brand with this bold, bright, unfussy, modern aesthetic?

Quest Wishlist: Sophie Hines

As I spend my Saturday evening packing up all this week’s tragically ill-fitting bras for return, I am already planning and dreaming of my next lingerie purchases.

Something a little different from the typical underwired, padded,. heavy.duty polkadot offerings can be found in these hand-made soft bralettes from USA-based independent designer Sophie Hines.


(Photo credit Sophie Hines. Click photos for links!)


These bras look so comfy and I love the style, with the sleek, thick elastic, harness designs and soft, plain jersey fabric and sheer meshes. It makes a change from highly structured wired bras and I while I do also like bright colours and lacy feminine touches, I find the no-frills, geometric designs much sexier and more appealing than the floral prints and polkadots prevalent in mainstream brands, without being boring either.

sophiahinescevianThese pieces may cost more than your basic bralette from H&M but considering they are of much better quality and Sophie makes them by hand in her own home in Nebraska, the prices are pretty reasonable. She offers worldwide postage, too. The bras are available in sizes XS-L, which correspond to small bust & small back sizes, up to a 37″ bust, though sizing is more flexible than with wired bras. I’m around a 30F-32E without too much projection, and think a medium or large could work for me.

IMG_5082These bras would look great layered under loose and low-cut dresses and tank tops. I am already dreaming of lounging around all summer in them, pairing them with cotton bike shorts and throwing over a tank top to go out… Once my refunds have come through I might have to place an order!

What do you think of Sophie Hines lingerie? Have you ordered from her? Do you know of similar designers I should take a look at?