Christmas Lingerie Wishlist 2016

I love Christmas. I love to bring light and cosiness into my home, I love to cook and eat, I love to pick and wrap gifts, I love to listen to soulful Elvis songs and timeless kitsch Wham on loop, I love freezing Christmas markets and sparkling lights hung through the city. I love being part of a bicultural family and having two Christmases (Christmas eve and Christmas day!). I love the loud, bright, colourful parts and the quiet, still, reflective parts.

The blog has had a long, unplanned hiatus (whoops), but how could I not return to post my own Christmas lingerie wishlist?

Oh, and just in case Santa is reading this, I’ve included what size I’d take for each piece šŸ˜‰

(all photos are from the linked product pages – links open in a new tab – none are sponsored)

Playful Promises Peek & Beau Tallulah


You can’t get much more Christmassy than gold sequins, tbh. I’m also a fan of sheer black mesh and those pants look comfy. (34D/XL)

Kriss Soonik Furry Suspender Top


LOOK AT THIS. Look at it! It’s furry! This top + wool stockings for Christmas morning lounging and breakfast and presents and smooching (hey, gotta make the most of these kid-free Christmases, amirite?!), then throw over a poofy skirt to go to the in-laws for lunch. (large)

Kriss Soonik Diana Wings Wrap


This short dressing gown looks so comfy (theme?) and I L O V E the angel wings. I have a Kriss Soonik winged top and it’s so soft and comfortable. This also comes with free monogramming on the sleeve, making it an extra special Christmas gift. (one size)

TomboyX 9″ Boxer Briefs


How about some boxers for Boxing Day?! TomboyX briefs have been on my wishlist forever. The tartan print is seasonally cute and this length is great to prevent chafing (yeah, hands up if you also have year-round thigh sweat! sunglasses emoji!). (XL)


What is on your wishlist? I haven’t been keeping up with the lingerie world lately – is there anything else that *should* be on my wishlist?


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