Quest wishlist: Pride – queer lingerie outfits

It’s still only April, but I’ve already started thinking about Pride, which here in Vienna takes the form of the “Rainbow Parade” in June. I don’t often go, because mobility issues + crowd + noise, and it can sometimes be a bit cis-white-men-appeasing-the-hets, but nevertheless my mind is starting to think about what awesome lingerie-based outfit I could wear. Any excuse, tbh. Here are a couple of ideas, based around some pieces I already own (reviews to come…!):


Claudette Fishnet Elsa pink
Claudette Fishnet bra in Elsa Pink via ASOS
Maude Nibelungen crop tank knit top
Maude Nibelungen knit crop tank via Bluestockings Boutique


Under the Unders Choker Body Chain
Under the Unders choker and body chain


paranoire asteria peach plush velvet harness bra
Paranoire Design peach Asteria plush velvet harness bra


bad bunny magical unicorn pasties
Bad Bunny Magical Unicornorn Pasties via Bluestockings Boutique


Paranoire Design black Asteria plsuh velvet harness bra
Paranoire Design black Asteria plush velvet harness bra
Sophie Hines gold leather pasties
Sophie Hines gold leather pasties via Bluestockings Boutique


focx rainbow pride boyshorts
FOCX Rainbow Pride boyshorts


So, as you can see, I basically want to raid Bluestocking Boutiques “new arrivals” section! A quick note about the last brand mentioned here – FOCX. They are an explicitly queer-serving, queer-owned indie label who make boyshorts and boxers in the UK. They have a huge variety of different patterns and a decent size range, from 2XS/UK4 to 5X/UK24 (though as each style is very limited, many of the sizes sell out). I’m looking forward to finally trying them out some time soon!

Are you looking forward to Pride, readers? Do any of you have an awesome lingerie-based outfit to share? Drop it in the comments or hit me up over on twitter @theholybrail!


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