Kiss Me Deadly Murder Mystery Kickstarter & 3 Tips for Supporting Lingerie Kickstarters

kiss me deadly grace gown
Kiss Me Deadly Grace nightgown

I guess most people reading this will have already heard of Kiss Me Deadly, a small, independent, retro-inspired lingerie brand from the UK. This is how they describe themselves:

Once upon a time, a woman went on a long search for a good suspender belt set… and ended up with a vintage inspired, retro lingerie brand designed for femme fatales; glamorous, sensual and intelligent women with just a hint of danger.

I don’t remember how or where I first came across them – sometime earlier this year (my lingerie obsession only started this year!) – but I already own several pieces from them, including their Van Doren braletcupless Vargas dress and some swimwear. I love their style, the awesome array of weapons in their product photos, and feel solidarity towards the owner, Catherine, as she is running this whole business with one of the same disabilities as me (she has written some excellent posts about being a disabled woman in the lingerie industry on the KMD blog as well as for The Lingerie Addict). I’m not particularly a huge retro fashion fan, but their designs absolutely fit seamlessly in to a modern femme wardrobe. You can take a look at everything they have produced in their collection archive.

kiss me deadly trio
Maz, Jess & Morgana – whodunnit?

They are currently trying out a different way of getting a new collection into production: Kickstarter! As well as a cute (sorry) murder mystery video series showcasing the collection, the campaign features a total of 11 new pieces – two bra sets with girdle/girdle skirt, two gown & robe sets and a demi-corset. These are available in various combinations depending on your pledge level, which represent quite a large saving on the RRP. If you want to support the campaign but can’t afford or don’t want the lingerie, there are lower tier rewards offering thank yous, exclusive images (for the Morgana fans) and, somewhat inexplicably (am I missing the joke?), a chap-hop track. (For those lucky enough to not know what chap-hop is, it’s posh, vintage-styled white men rapping “ironically”. Hopefully this track is KMD ladies rapping about how they want to kill these men…?)

kiss me deadly kickstarter pledge levels
Chart showing what is available in each pledge level – click to enlarge!

Honestly, I really like everything in this collection. Black and red are definitely go-to colours for me (and most people, I suppose) and the styles are safe but elegant and luxurious. However, I don’t have £500 to spend on the whole lot, and right now I’m wavering between my two picks.

Firstly, the Grace nightgown pictured at the top of the post. I’m a sucker for glamourous nightwear – I spend a lot of time at home/in bed and sometimes like to wear something that’s light and comfortable and fairly modest (not living alone) but more stylish than Finding Nemo pyjamas. I adore the sheer side panels, and the bias cut would hopefully mean that it would be able accommodate my large bottom. I’m a little wary of polyester, but I find price/quality makes a huge different in how tolerable polyester satin is against my skin.

Angelou bra & longline girdle
Angelou bra & longline girdle

My second pick is the Angelou set. I’m totally into the black and gold combo at the moment and that gold foil lace is to die (to kill?) for. I’ve also never had a girdle and would love to try it out. Just look at it! It is so very Phyrne Fisher (of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, featuring lots of vintage lingerie). I would probably snip off all those bows at the bottom, though.

Phryne Fisher
Miss Fisher would definitely not be out of place amongst the Deadlies

The designs have clearly also been popular with a lot of other people, as they launched the campaign two weeks ago and have already reached their £10,000 funding goal, which is an incredible achievement! This means that production will go ahead and anyone who pledges for something will definitely get it, and they have said that the further they get past the 10k goal, the more likely it is that they will be able to manufacture more than just the kickstarter orders, meaning extras for size exchange.

I’ve seen some comments around asking about a few things that aren’t super clear with regards to making pledges, so if you are new to kickstarter or looking for certain workarounds, here are my top 3 tips:

  1. You don’t choose which item or size you want from your chosen reward level until after the campaign has finished. You can pledge now and still have a couple of weeks to debate with yourself which set you prefer.
  2. Kickstarter lets you change your pledge amount and reward level. You can pledge for a lower level now and if you decide before the campaign ends that you want more, you can easily change it (up as well as down) by logging into your account and clicking “manage pledge”. The money isn’t taken until the campaign is over.
  3. Want a combination of items not offered? Create a second account. Kickstarter won’t let you pledge multiple times on the same campaign, but you can create a second account using a different email address to pledge again, enabling you to mix and match. Prefer to pair the Leonie robe with the Grace gown? Make two £70-level  pledges from different accounts and you can. You then have to pay shipping twice, but if you’ve really got your heart set on a certain combination then this makes it possible.

With 16 days still to go you have plenty of time to get your pledge in – let me know what you choose!


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